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SPEA issues a guide for reopening schools - 24,Sep 2020

SPEA issues a guide for reopening schools

Sharjah24: The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) announced that it has issued a comprehensive guide to reopening private schools in the emirate for the 2020-2021 academic year, including the policies, protocols and precautionary measures that private schools must follow, in order to provide a safe and healthy educational environment.

The authority confirmed that it will carry out inspection campaigns in cooperation with other concerned authorities in the emirate, to measure and follow up the extent of schools ’compliance with the guidelines and hold non-compliant schools accountable, and this may include fining the school or instructing the school to switch to distance learning until further notice.

The authority clarified that the school teams authorised to deal with the emerging coronavirus within schools, which will be formed in each school as the guide demonstrates, and monitor the implementation of the instructions and know the extent of commitment of the members of the school community, including students, teachers, other school personnel and parents.

His Excellency Ali Al Hosani, Director of Sharjah Private Education Authority, explained that the issuance of the guide came simultaneously with the approach of the new school year, as students return to school after applying the distance learning system, during the third semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, and after a break of more than five months.

Al Hosani added that the guide issued by the authority, and private schools received a copy of it, has been formulated in coordination with several bodies to secure prevention and safety benefits for the school community, indicating that the authority is betting mainly on the awareness of the field educational community and its commitment to the instructions and preventive measures to control the epidemic, and work on its decline and prevent its spread.

Al Hosani stressed the need to follow the preventive and health instructions announced by the competent authorities in the country, by adhering to physical distancing, preventing gatherings, implementing comprehensive sterilisation operations, and adhering to wearing masks, noting that all the policies and protocols listed in the guide came to ensure the preservation of students ’health and safety as top priority.

The authority was keen to inform schools about the content of the guide, which aims to ensure the safety and security of students and workers in educational institutions, in order to develop and implement policies, procedures and protection measures that are in line with operational guidelines related to the safety and health of students, parents, school staff and visitors.

The procedures and guidelines contained in the guide cover all aspects that guarantee the health and safety of students, and the guide also includes a focus on human resources and the relationship with parents and the school's continuous communication with parents.
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