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Al Hosani: SPEA targets zero infection in emirate's schools - 24,Sep 2020

Al Hosani: SPEA targets zero infection in emirate's schools

Sharjah 24: Ali Al Hosani, Director of Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA), confirmed that the Authority targets zero infections for students from the new coronavirus in Sharjah schools during the new school year, and stressed the implementation of all precautionary measures to ensure students’ safety.

In an exclusive statement to “Sharjah 24”, Al Hosani called on school principals, parents and students to view the media campaigns carried out by the SPEA, via all available platforms, to explain these precautionary requirements and adhere to them to ensure their safety.

He added that the emirate's schools are ready for the new school year while adhering to all the precautionary requirements that were issued in the guideline and circulated to schools, in cooperation with SPEA’s partners, including the Ministry of Health and Prevention, municipalities, the Security and Safety Authority, Sharjah Education Council and all other institutions that have contributed with us to follow up the guide.

Al Hosani pointed out that the SPEA carries out continuous training for the educational field through the Sharjah Education Academy that includes several workshops in areas of security and safety, wishing students, administrative and teaching staff a safe and distinct return to school.

Al Hosani confirmed that the Authority decided that the school year should begin with the distance learning system in the first two weeks, in order to ensure the safety of students, indicating that the decision came after field data that was reflected through SPEA teams’ visits, as well as through daily communication with school principals, and the ‘Return to Schools Committee’ set up by the Authority in order to give schools a greater opportunity to prepare for the best.

Al Hosani explained that after the end of the first two weeks of distance learning as of September 10, the school selection begins according to the plan that each school submits, choosing from three options: the full return of students according to the precautionary requirements, and the hybrid system with 50% attendance and 50% in distance learning, adding that the return will be gradual, starting with 25% of the 50% in the first week and gradually increasing to reach the target rate in the fourth week.

As for the third option, the director of the Sharjah Special Education Authority explained, "There is an option available to parents, which is distance learning, and this option is only available to parents after the first two weeks of the start of the school year, and we are working with our partners to continuously follow up developments to ensure the safety and security of our children during the school year."
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