Director's Welcome Message

Director's Welcome Message

Director's Welcome Message
If we want to shed light on the experience aimed at improving the education system in Sharjah, we must first talk about the person to whom all credit goes, the person who made his first bet on education. This is because this sector would not have immensely developed without that bright thought, the prudent directives and great attention paid to education directly by His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, may Allah protect and preserve him.

The bet on education was based on HH Sheikh Sultan’s realization that societies are developed, grown and advanced only by the minds that take research, education, analysis and study as a lifestyle approach. Based on this, the highest priority was given to the improvement of the education system.

By tracking the tremendous steps and qualitative projects of Sharjah’s public and higher education sector, we will achieve many of its milestones that left a clear imprint on our education system. Perhaps the improvement and support of educational institutions can best be embodied in the Sharjah Private Education Authority, which was established with the aim of not only improving the welfare of the educational community, upgrading private education and its outputs and developing an environment that attracts investments but also organizing the private education sector and promoting innovation and creativity by rendering them a working method for all the emirate’s educational institutions.

It is clear to anyone why students are paid such attention; they are the hope for the future and the leaders assigned to carry on the process of growth and sustainable development, which we seek to achieve fully. To serve this purpose it was incumbent on us to provide an education system capable of addressing students’ minds by bypassing the methods of indoctrination into methods based on research, innovation, and creativity. This was made possible by creating a wide space for their minds to ponder and giving free reign to their imaginations to swim in the worlds of knowledge and research. This is our goal, which, once achieved at best, will pave the way to a society that will be led and developed by its enlightened members, through whom the next generation will play their role in further building their society.
The projects and decisions that were implemented in our education system as well as the initiatives that were launched to improve it and the pioneering ideas that were proposed to further develop it are fully consistent with Sharjah’s strategies and its great cultural and educational project, whose outputs include educated youth, innovative minds, a healthy and convenient educational environment, a stable family and a cohesive social fabric.

The vision of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, May Allah protect him, will remain a fundamental pillar for supporting and developing the education sector. His support was demonstrated in the successive decisions and directives that he issued to develop and improve education, expand pre-school education through nurseries and provide convenient school learning environments and multiple programs for the professional development of teachers. Thanks to his directives, we strive to achieve his ambition through our vision, mission and goals as embodied in distinguished education and enabling the educational community to grow and achieve ambitious outputs, by virtue of the Authority’s supportive and effective services and such values as integrity, positivity, innovation, co-operation and accountability.

H.E Ali Al Hosani
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